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Need Legal Help for Your Business? Find It Here

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Need Legal Help for Your Business? Find It Here

Chicago Trucking Accident Lawyers Aggressively Seek Compensatory Damages For Injured Clients

Ronnie Mills

Chicago trucking accident lawyers in their long careers of trying Chicago trucking accident cases are veteran professionals who note that the size of a truck contributes to the horrible wrecks left behind when trucks collide with automobiles on highway and roads in Chicago. Chicago trucking accident lawyers help plaintiffs in truck/automobile litigation cases to recover monetary damages for their suffering and pain. Severe Injuries to Mostly Pedestrians and Cyclists The health damages that plaintiffs experience, even as some of the victims may have died during the collision, are significant and traumatic because of the force directed on car occupants when there is a collision between the automobile and a huge truck. The severe injuries plaintiffs suffer run the gamut from cervical and lumbar herniated discs and complex bone fractures to internal injuries, closed head injuries, leg and arm injuries in addition to the unfortunate death of some victims. Chicago's Numerous Interstate Highway Systems Veteran Chicago trucking accident lawyers note that even though Illinois is not the largest state from a geographical point of view, the state uniquely has one of the largest interstate highway systems in the United States. Lane Changes by Truck Drivers are Deadly The large stretch of highways accommodate many large commercial trucks being driven at high rates of speed right next to smaller vehicles on the road, which is a recipe for disaster in the form of crashes as the trucks swing in and out while making lane changes. The trucks swing as they turn left or right, and a pedestrian or cyclist can surprisingly then end up with the back end of a very large truck right where they are walking or riding. Before they can extricate themselves for what is about to happen, they are crushed to death in many cases. Insurance Companies Responsibility to Corporate Clients Insurance companies fight to serve the interests of their corporate defendants who face high compensatory damage awards that they must pay to the plaintiff if their defendant truck driver clients are found to be at fault for causing the accidents to occur. Going After all Defendants in Truck Accident Litigation Cases Your Chicago trucking accident lawyers will in the course of investigation go after every contributing person associated with the defendant who may have caused the accident. The law allows your lawyer to cite the employer of the truck and the companies that are involved in the transportation of the goods that are onboard the truck. Your lawyer in essence seeks to maximize the recovery of damages to all blameworthy parties connected with that truck involved in the accident. A Danger for Cyclists and Pedestrians Chicago trucking accident attorneys while investigating the sites of semi-truck collisions warn that one of the most dangerous areas of a roadway for a pedestrian or bicyclist to encounter a truck is at an intersection. If the truck makes a right turn, the driver in an elevated seat of the truck cannot see a pedestrian or a cyclist on the right side of the truck who may be attempting to cross a street just at the moment when the truck is turning onto that very street. Although the pedestrian and cyclist legally have the right-of-way, it is a deadly combination of neither party being able to judge where each other might be. The two persons on the ground think they are right to cross just when the truck driver makes that regrettable turn. Defendant Truck Driver Will Be Found at Fault This type of disaster most often crushes the pedestrian and cyclist, and the truck driver will no doubt be found to be at fault. If you are involved in this type of accident, the facts support the plaintiff's contention that the truck driver defendant is at fault for the collision. No Attorney Fees Unless the Attorney Wins the Case There are no hidden fees or upfront fees that you have to face. Your Chicago trucking accident lawyer is anxious to represent you and fight for your rights to compensatory damages, and attorney fees will be deducted only if the attorney wins the case. If you are interested in getting the services of a trucking accident lawyer in the Chicago area, you may want to click here to read more about your local options.