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Need Legal Help for Your Business? Find It Here

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Need Legal Help for Your Business? Find It Here

Dealing With Custody Battles When There Are Hurt Feeling Between The Parents

Ronnie Mills

Relationships end for a number of different reasons. Some are purely emotional, resulting in many fights until someone leaves. Others leave relationships due to infidelity. At times one or both people in the relationship can change, either for the better or for the worse, leading to one person deciding to walk out. Why the relationships can to an end is not as important as working out the details of caring for any children in the relationship. Here are some tips on dealing with a custody battle between parents when there are hurt feelings. 

Change the partnership idea 

A partnership between parents never ends, only evolves. if you and your significant other break up you may need a little time to stop thinking of them as your partner. Instead of thinking of the partnership as over, think of the partnership as changing in the arrangement. You and your children's other parent will need to still raise the children together and pitch in monetarily, time wise, and with structure. The two of you can change your relationship to look like that of business partners, rather than lamenting about the lost personal connection. 

Couples counseling

Couples counseling does not have to be used for married couples having a hard time. Counseling can also be for those who are in relationships of any kind and need to work together. Even though your intimate relationship may be over, it is a good idea for embattled exes to go to couples counseling. The counseling sessions can give you a way to hash out any issues and provide you with tools to work as a team with your children. 

Allow the family lawyers to settle

Prior to going to court to have a judge decide custody, it can be a better idea to attempt to work out a custody arrangement on your own in mediation. Consider both parties getting a family lawyer, then hashing out a custodial and child support arrangement that makes life fair and easy for both parties. Having a documented custodial agreement without having to go through the lengthy court process will make life easier. It can also ease the negative feelings to decide things together rather than fight for top honors in front of a judge. 

Reconsider the framing of your new life

Instead of thinking of your new life as a loss of your old life, thinking of your new life as a chance to start over. Get into the hobbies that you have always wanted to jump into along with your children. Completely revamp your household look and your personal look. Feeling free to retain personal power rather than in a power struggle will shift your personal feelings during a custody arrangement.