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Need Legal Help for Your Business? Find It Here

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Need Legal Help for Your Business? Find It Here

A Legal Fee Solution For Hurt Workers

Ronnie Mills

If a work injury has you seeking workers' compensation, the road to gaining benefits might not be as smooth as you hoped. When workers' comp insurance covers a hurt worker, they can expect to be paid some of their salary for being out of work, as well as their medical bills. When problems with the claim occur, however, workers may need to take further action. Read on to find out what could go wrong and how to pay for legal help when it does.

What Could Go Wrong With a Workers' Comp Claim?

Even though workers' comp is touted as a benefit, it actually was brought about by business interests who wanted a way to sidetrack personal injury lawsuits by employees. While they are regulated by the state, workers' compensation insurance agencies are privately owned and for-profit businesses.

When they have to pay a claim, it affects their bottom line negatively. For claimants, that means getting turned down, being asked to return to work before they are healthy, having benefits cut off, and being offered inadequate settlements.

If you have tried working with the carrier and are still having problems with a claim, you may have no choice but to speak to a lawyer for help.

Paying Your Workers' Compensation Lawyer

No-cost lawyers that practice workers' compensation law are practically non-existent due to the complexity of the laws that regulate its practices. Since being out of work and trying to make ends meet on a reduced salary is not the best financial situation to be in, hurt workers having issues with their claims may wonder where they can turn.

Fortunately, most workers' comp lawyers accept contingency fee payment plans. This method of paying an attorney is based on a percentage of the funds you get if your claim goes through.

When your claim is denied, you are entitled to be paid for any lost benefits once the claim is reinstated. Additionally, some workers are hurt badly enough to qualify for a lump sum payment. Lump sum settlements take into account your past missed benefits as well as future needs.

It accounts for the fact that your ability to work at other jobs is impacted in a lasting manner. Having a permanent injury means a lump sum payment. It is from these payments that contingency fee lawyers are paid. If you don't gain any compensation, you don't owe the lawyer a dime.

Speak to an attorney who offers work injury assistance about your case to learn more.