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Need Legal Help for Your Business? Find It Here

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Need Legal Help for Your Business? Find It Here

Why You Need A Personal Injury Attorney Before You Settle Your Case

Ronnie Mills

Are you tempted to settle on your recent lawsuit? When you get injured either at work, on a neighbor's property, or in another way, the first thing the other party will want to do when they are found to be at fault or liable for the accident is to settle. While the amount of money you can potentially receive in a settlement sounds impressive — and it's hard to resist not having to go through a lengthy court battle — don't sign just yet. Your personal injury may be worth much more than what you see on paper before you.

You should hire a personal injury attorney before you settle on any case. Even though your lawyer will cost you money and some time, the investment is well-worth it. Here are reasons why you should hire a lawyer before settling on your case.

You probably have a much larger case

When a company or individual wants to settle with you, this may be a good thing. In legal terms, anyhow, the willingness to settle a case out of court can be similar to an admission of guilt. The more you fight a case where you are in the right or have enough evidence of your injury to get a higher restitution, the more the other party may want to settle to avoid a higher penalty. Hire a lawyer to see if this seems to be what's going on in your case; if you're willing to fight, you may have a larger settlement amount coming to you.

You probably aren't getting what you're worth

Due to all the stress of a lawsuit to begin with and the heartache of facing a lengthy court battle, any settlement can start to look like a lovely windfall for you. If you don't have a skilled attorney by your side who can help you break down the numbers and see what you're really worth, you may be tempted to settle too soon. If your weary of the lawsuits and don't want to go to court, know that your lawyer can still work with you on a settlement case by negotiating the settlement amount. This way, you can walk away from your injury case happy and healthy.

You can schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer prior to hiring one. When you have the right lawyer by your side, you feel confident and able to move forward with your personal injury case.