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Need Legal Help for Your Business? Find It Here

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Need Legal Help for Your Business? Find It Here

Cohabiting While Divorcing: What To Know

Ronnie Mills

Things can get very awkward when it comes time to actually live apart. Some couples very quickly agree that one party should move out and the other should stay put. The issue of who moves out and who stays can have some surprising effects on the marital property division, is some cases. More and more couples are agreeing to just live under one roof for the time being. Read on to find out more about the living situation puzzle as a couple separates in preparation for divorce.

Abandonment Issues

Divorcing couples are sometimes counseled that leaving a home they hope to keep with a divorce settlement is a bad idea. When there are children involved, more complications can follow. A parent seeking full physical custody might also be advised never to leave the family home without the child in tow. Fortunately, some couples don't end up disagreeing about who gets the family home and which parent is best suited for physical custody. Be sure you speak with your divorce lawyer before you move out of the home, though. Things could turn ugly later and you might be placing your property and custody rights in jeopardy by moving out.

Financial Issues

Unfortunately, some couples have very little choice about living arrangements when they decide to divorce. Whether they are getting along with each other may not matter much if they are forced to live under the same roof due to financial issues. Rents have risen to unexpectedly high peaks in many locations and it's not as easy as it used to be to just move to a new place when you decide to part ways. You and your spouse may have to live together – at least temporarily. 

Cohabiting Tips for Divorcing Couples

  1. Put the provisions that you both agree on in writing.
  2. Make it point to decide on who pays for what during this time.
  3. Living together in these circumstances works best if you have a home that accommodates more than one living space. Finished basements, dens, offices, second master bedrooms, or spare bedrooms can be utilized to create separation and privacy.
  4. Make sure you address "guests" of a romantic nature by agreeing that it's a really bad idea at this time.
  5. Set up some chore schedules covering common areas like the kitchen and living room.
  6. Let your divorce lawyer know about your plans and follow any advice they provide in regard to both legal and practical matters.

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