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Need Legal Help for Your Business? Find It Here

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Need Legal Help for Your Business? Find It Here

Understanding DUI Schools Or Classes

Ronnie Mills

If a court convicts you of DUI (driving under the influence), one of the directives you may receive from the judge is to enroll in a DUI school. Indeed, many lawyers will advise you to enroll in an appropriate DUI school, as soon as you are charged with DUI, without waiting for a court order.  Below are some of the things you should know about DUI schools.

Classes Must Be State-Approved

You can't just attend any DUI school and reap the associated benefits. There are state-approved DUI schools that the court will expect you to enroll in. Many states maintain websites that list the licensed schools that DUI suspects or convicts can take. Other schools may give you the same benefits, but the court won't recognize them so you should stick to the recognized ones.  

Classes Are Not Free

Another thing to note is that DUI schools are not free; they charge fees. Expect to pay hundreds of dollars, with an average of $360, for your DUI school. This is just one more charge that contributes to your overall cost of DUI. You won't be enrolled if you don't pay the fees, and enrollment failure is the same as disobeying a court order.

Attendance Hours Vary

A DUI class can be as short as a few hours or as long as more than a year. The duration depends on various factors, such as state laws, DUI school curriculum, and the number of DUI offenses in a driver's past.  Therefore, a driver who is facing their third DUI case is likely to face longer DUI classes than a driver who is facing their first DUI charge.

Laws Vary By State

The rules and regulations governing DUI schools vary by state. Therefore, if you are searching for information on DUI classes, ensure the information is specific to the relevant state. Don't rely on information from Florida, for example, if you are facing DUI charges in California.

You Don't Have To Wait For the Court

DUI classes are often ordered by the court. In many cases, anyone facing DUI charges has to enroll for mandatory DUI classes. However, you don't have to wait for a court order to enroll in DUI classes. You can enroll in the classes of your own volition, even before your court date. In fact, voluntary enrollment might improve your situation before the court.

Enrolling in a DUI school is a good idea, but you cannot rely on it entirely for your defense. Consult a criminal defense lawyer to help you craft a good defense.