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Need Legal Help for Your Business? Find It Here

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Need Legal Help for Your Business? Find It Here

Common Justified Reasons For Speeding

Ronnie Mills

Speeding is usually a crime and you will likely face a speeding ticket if you are caught speeding by a police officer. However, there are some cases where your act of speeding might be considered lawful and justified. By speaking to a speeding ticket lawyer, you may be able to determine if this is the case.

Speeding Because of an Emergency

If there is an emergency and speeding is a reasonable response to the emergency, you may be able to use this fact to have your speeding ticket dismissed. For example, if you find yourself in a self-defense situation and must speed to evade a dangerous individual, this might be used as a speeding ticket defense. You could also use this as a defense when you are forced to drive in an erratic manner to avoid a reckless driving charge.

You Were Ordered to Speed

If someone was coercing you to speed, you could use this as a defense. For example, if someone forced themselves into your car and ordered you to escape the police, you may claim that you were only doing so under duress. 

You Had to Match the Speed of Other Drivers

If every other driver was traveling at a high speed, you may have been forced to also drive at a high speed to avoid causing an accident. Another example is when you need to speed to get out of the way of a vehicle that is out of control.

For example, a truck driver might be under the influence of alcohol and maybe swerving near your vehicle and you may need to speed to place distance between you and the dangerous driver.

How to Dismiss Your Speeding Ticket

To have your speeding ticket dismissed, you are better off consulting with a speeding ticket lawyer. You may need to gather evidence and present it at traffic court to increase the chances that your traffic ticket will be dismissed. 

There are other strategies you can use as well to fight your ticket. For example, if you choose to postpone your hearing, the officer who issued the ticket will be less likely to appear and your case may end up being dismissed. Regardless, you should always consider fighting your traffic ticket. You might think that the fine is small, but having a traffic violation can also affect your insurance policy and can lead to points on your license.