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Need Legal Help for Your Business? Find It Here

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Need Legal Help for Your Business? Find It Here

Painful Personal Injury Shocks To Both You And Your Wallet

Ronnie Mills

If you are suffering from the physical results of a careless driver, know that the effects can be both physical and financial. No one can take away the pain, discomfort, misery, and emotional fallout of an accident using money. However, victims are entitled to be paid for several financial ramifications of the accident. Find out more below.

Stunning Medical Bills

Unless your case is being handled properly, you may find some horrifyingly large bills in your mailbox after the accident. The other driver's insurer is supposed to be covering those bills but that doesn't always happen quickly enough to avoid medical collection actions. You should never be expected to pay any sort of medical expense related to the accident.

In some cases, the insurer may deny a medical expense claiming that it's over and above the customary charges. For example, a trip by helicopter to a trauma center could amount to thousands and thousands of dollars. You needed that air ambulance trip due to serious, life-threatening injuries, and the other person's insurer should pay for it.

Another common medical issue after an accident is when you agree to settle the case but then need additional treatment. Some victims, unfortunately, don't consider what could happen in the future and fail to ask for future medical treatment coverage. Many victims need future medical treatments and that needs to be added to a settlement before an agreement is reached.

Personal Property Damage

It's not only your vehicle that is covered after an accident. You may also be entitled to reimbursement for damaged items because of the crash. If your cell phone, tablet, or other devices were lost or damaged, you can be paid for those.

Lost Income from a Job

Finally, most accident victims with injuries will lose time from work. In almost all cases, victims can ill afford to lose any income with encountering budgetary issues. Many hurt workers end up using all their paid time off and sick leave because of the accident. You are entitled to be paid for any missed time from your job because of the accident and reimbursed for any paid time off.

All the above issues are no longer problems when you have a personal injury lawyer representing you. Speak to them about all your financial losses and how to get paid what you deserve. Discuss your case with a personal injury lawyer in your area.