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Need Legal Help for Your Business? Find It Here

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Need Legal Help for Your Business? Find It Here

Personal Injury Attorney: Injured On A Cruise Vacation

Ronnie Mills

Not all cruise ship vacations go to plan. If your ocean getaway turns into a nightmare, a personal injury lawyer can help you recover financial damages.

Here are some of the ways that personal injury lawyers help clients who experience trauma while on a cruise vacation.

Assessing Liability and Value

To pursue civil litigation, your personal injury lawyers must first assess liability. In cases involving significant injuries on a cruise vacation, this might include multiple individuals or entities.

  • Liability: cruise ship providers have a duty of care to ensure your safety while you're at sea. The most common injuries on cruise ships relate to illness and accidents like slips and falls. These illnesses and accidents, however, often occur because an employee or operator has failed to follow safety protocols. When you begin working with a personal injury lawyer it's important to help them understand how your accident or illness happened to give them a better sense of who bears the most liability. For instance, if your slip and fall accident occurred because of a poorly lit stairwell or slippery stretch of the deck, your personal injury lawyer can focus on the cruise ship operator.
  • Comps: when pursuing a personal injury sustained on a cruise vacation, your personal injury lawyer will also research similar accidents and lawsuits. This research can help you make a more informed decision about the value of your case. Because cruise ship operators carry sustainable insurance policies, the amount of damages you can reasonably expect to get from a case will probably be similar to other cases that have been settled before. Although your personal injury lawyer will always attempt to seek more damages, you're more likely to reach a quick settlement if you seek damages that align with those settled in similar cases.

Refunds and Bills

One of the indignities of being injured on a cruise vacation is that you're often expected to pay someone even being injured. Your personal injury lawyer can help you secure a refund and also get your medical bills covered.

  • Refunds: many cruise ship operators will aggressively resist the notion of issuing a refund. Your personal injury lawyer can use the agreement you signed when you purchased your ticket to build a case against the cruise ship operator.
  • Bills: the medical care required by the injury or illness you sustain on your cruise vacation can be substantial. Your personal injury lawyer can help you work with your health care providers to get your bills covered until your case is settled.