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Need Legal Help for Your Business? Find It Here

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Need Legal Help for Your Business? Find It Here

When Should You Expect To Settle Your Truck Accident Claim? Find Out

Ronnie Mills

Injuries caused by trucks can be catastrophic because of the size of these heavy vehicles and may sometimes require specialized treatment and care. This is why seeking compensation if you are a victim is essential to help you recover. In many cases, truck crash victims choose to settle their case out of court because doing this is often simpler and may take less time. However, sometimes settlements can also take time to resolve, forcing truck crash victims to wait a long time before their claims are settled. Read on to learn a few factors that determine how long it might take to settle your semi-truck crash claim.

The Willingness of The Opposing Party to Settle

It might take longer to settle your case if the other party's insurer is unwilling to resolve your claim. They may do this if they realize that you suffered significant injuries or damages and are not ready to offer you the payment you need. For this reason, they may delay the process to make you give up, accept a lower offer, or stop pursuing the claim. If you feel the insurance company is dragging its feet in resolving your claim, hire a lawyer to help you. They will take the necessary legal measures to ensure that the insurance company settles your case promptly. 

The Complexity of The Case

Some issues can complicate your claim and increase the time it will take to settle. For instance, it might be challenging to determine the parties to hold accountable for the accident. In this case, you may need to enlist the services of an attorney to assist you in identifying those at fault. An attorney can work with expert witnesses to help reconstruct the accident and determine who is liable. Your lawyer can also examine your state's trucking regulations and use them to hold the responsible parties accountable. These measures might fast-track the process and help you to get your payment faster.

Whether You Get Legal Help

The compensation process might take longer if you don't seek legal assistance. This is more so if you make mistakes when filing your claim. In addition, the process can be complex, making it challenging to handle if you lack the necessary legal expertise. On the other hand, an attorney will help you follow all the filing regulations and steps to avoid issues that might prolong the compensation process.

If you've been in an accident involving a heavy vehicle like a truck, hire an auto accident lawyer to assist you in seeking compensation from the responsible parties. They will be beneficial in helping you resolve your case out of court or file a lawsuit if this doesn't work.