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Need Legal Help for Your Business? Find It Here

When my husband I decided to start a business, we didn't think about the legal aspects of doing so. We didn't realize that purchasing business insurance, getting building permits and making investments all required some type of legal advice. But after speaking to a close friend, who also happens to own a small business, we contacted a business attorney. Now, we have the legal smarts to make the best decisions for our business, as well as the legal representation in case something happens to our company. I hope that you find my blog helpful and informative for your own business. It's a great resource for finding the legal advice, resources and guidance you need to get your company up and running.

Need Legal Help for Your Business? Find It Here

  • 4 Warning Signs That Someone Shouldn't Be Your Trustee

    11 September 2019

    During the estate planning process, one of the most important things you need to do is name a trustee. If you fail to name a trustee, you won't have control over who makes decisions on your behalf. There are several warning signs that someone should not be your trustee. 1. Not Objective and Impartial The job of the trustee is to work with all of the beneficiaries in an objective and impartial manner.

  • When Help Is Needed: Understanding The Role Of The Representative Payee

    7 August 2019

    Those unable to work at their job due to a medical or mental condition might be able to draw monthly Social Security benefits. The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides financial payment to those who have worked enough throughout the years and that have a condition considered serious enough. Not all of those who gain benefits are able to take care of the financial aspect of benefits, and that is where the representative payee comes in.

  • Why You Need A Personal Injury Attorney Before You Settle Your Case

    6 July 2019

    Are you tempted to settle on your recent lawsuit? When you get injured either at work, on a neighbor's property, or in another way, the first thing the other party will want to do when they are found to be at fault or liable for the accident is to settle. While the amount of money you can potentially receive in a settlement sounds impressive — and it's hard to resist not having to go through a lengthy court battle — don't sign just yet.

  • A Legal Fee Solution For Hurt Workers

    2 June 2019

    If a work injury has you seeking workers' compensation, the road to gaining benefits might not be as smooth as you hoped. When workers' comp insurance covers a hurt worker, they can expect to be paid some of their salary for being out of work, as well as their medical bills. When problems with the claim occur, however, workers may need to take further action. Read on to find out what could go wrong and how to pay for legal help when it does.

  • Tips For Getting A Work Visa

    1 May 2019

    Getting a work visa can allow you to stay in the United States for a significant length of time. If that is your goal, you're going to want to do your homework ahead of applying in order to improve your chances of getting improved. To that end, here are some tips that should help you get a work visa with as little trouble as possible. Get Your Documents in Order